Firearm Training

Having firearms is a serious responsibility, and we think gun owners would benefit from a course in the safe, proficient and legal uses of a gun. We completely and wholeheartedly support firearms safety and education for everyone.  According to a study from the University of Washington School of Public Health, only three out of five American gun owners have had formal firearms training. While this study only surveyed roughly 4,000 gun owners, it still produced some lackluster numbers. In fact, the results seem to show people who own guns for self-defense and home protection (57 percent for handgun owners and 47 percent for long gun owners) were less likely to have received training than those who own guns for hunting and shooting sports (approximately 68 percent).

For gun owners, training should be taken very seriously. We should definitely support it, promote it and do it ourselves. But we must also walk carefully. Pushing for mandatory classes can easily backfire. And with those requirements, we could one day end up with classes so difficult and so rigorous (and possibly also so expensive and so time-consuming) that none of us would be legally allowed to have firearms anymore.

All in all, it’s definitely important to be armed. But it’s just as important to be armed with knowledge   — knowledge of how to be safe and responsible with firearms and knowledge of how to keep that right intact.

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Firearm Training

We specialize in providing custom-tailored firearms instruction based on the needs our clients. Our firearms programs include, and not limited to: laser simulation marksmanship, shooting dynamics, situational awareness in various environments, threat determination, legalities of using deadly force, patterns of violent behavior and assault, avoiding conflict and de-escalation, mental preparedness, recognition of communication queues, cognitive enhancement strategies, developing reactionary time, using firearms from different positions, defensive pistol and shooting dynamics, Close-Quarter-Marksmanship (CQM), Close-Quarter-Combat (CQC), Close-Quarter-Battle (CQB), long range precision shooting, actions after conflict, and providing emergency medical first aid.


We also provide our Home and Firearm Safety Introduction course to new firearm owners to assist in providing the knowledge on their new purchase. The information provided is an introduction on the basic knowledge and skills to safely handle or store firearms and ammunition in the home. We also provide a curtesy walk through of your location to cover topics of consideration on in-home defense. 

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About our Instructors

OUR TRAINER is a disabled veteran that leverages 20 years of military intelligence and special operations experience combined with 30+ years of martial arts instructor experience to provide unique defensive and safety training programs.

We provide tailored defensive and safety training to prepare individuals to avoid potential conflicts when possible, and to defend themselves when needed.